Hello, world!

This is a demo site! For my blog post related to this site, click here!

I'm writing hypertext markup language to create visual web content.

This site uses HTML (to create the site content), CSS (to add styles), and jQuery (which is a JavaScript library used to add functions, like replacing colors at the click of a button). I’ve also added a CSS animation when you hover over the buttons.

This site can be upgraded to take advantage of modern advanced CSS techniques (like using flexbox), adjusted to be more mobile friendly, and evaluated for accessibility as your skills advance.

Once you are comfortable with static HTML & CSS sites, you may want to try your hand at creating dynamic sites, such as sites created with free WordPress.org software!

And who could resist a little Potter Ipsum 😄...

Peruvian-Night-Powder werewolf, Dobby pear-tickle half-moon-glasses, Knight-Bus. Padfoot snargaluff seeker: Hagrid broomstick mischief managed. Snitch Fluffy rock-cake, 9 ¾ dress robes I must not tell lies.

  • Alohamora wand elf parchment.
  • Wingardium Leviosa hippogriff, house dementors betrayal.
  • Holly, Snape centaur portkey ghost Hermione spell bezoar Scabbers.

Hedwig Daily Prophet treacle tart full-moon Ollivanders You-Know-Who cursed. Fawkes maze raw-steak Voldemort Goblin Wars snitch Forbidden forest grindylows wool socks.

  1. Mudbloods yew pumpkin juice phials.
  2. Ravenclaw’s Diadem 10 galleons Thieves Downfall.
  3. Ministry-of-Magic mimubulus mimbletonia Pigwidgeon knut phoenix feather other minister Azkaban.